Web Video - What's all the fuss about?


The need to have a video on your website increased exponentially in the 21st century.  When the world wide web was first invented, it was primarily used to share text.  A few years later people were sharing photographs and graphics.  But photography was invented over a hundred years ago.  It's an old technology.  Although it still has some value, it's clear a picture does not speak a thousand words.  


Today, people expect to see moving images.  The latest iPhone brags about how photos taken on their phone now move.  In addition, we are a world living in the digital age of Smart TV's and mobile devices.  A video can truly speak a thousand words.  In fact, a video can speak thousands of words.   How else are you going to show your viewer all sides of your product?


We are also a world of people used to dramatic content, due to television and movies.  Video can deliver dramatic content, including music, sound effects and voice over dialogue.  This is what viewers to your website are looking for.  Two things have been proven about website viewers.  First, viewers stay longer on websites that contain video.  And second, viewers return more frequently to websites that contain video.


If you're looking for the best video production value, have a look at our demo reel and green screen demo reel.  Video opens the doors of creativity up completely.  A video can be produced for all budget ranges.  All you need to do to convince yourself is look at your competitors' websites and see if they are using video.  If so, perhaps it's time to take that step too.


So, have a look around our website, it contains more than ten videos.  Then give us a call.  Let's take your business to the next level with an amazing video for your website.